New Income Stream from Smorty

A great new way on how to make money online from blogs has just been launched by Smorty. Im not really good at writing although I still earned quite enough from them so this new Pay-Per-Click product advertising (called Digxa Mini Stores) is a great welcome. Its like google adsense meets kontera.

This customizable solution allows you to place both standard and pop up product banners from related words within your posts. For example, the words "mobile phone" may generate a visible link that pops open a banner advertising a "mobile phone" if the visitor places their mouse over it. If this product is clicked on, you will receive a commission ranging up to $0.60.

$.60 per click? Wow.. Thats kinda huge. It rarely happens in adsense unless you target high paying niches. Ill try it on this blog and lets see how it works.

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Going Wireless

If your in the UK and looking for a wireless brodband, BT Total Broadband is highly recommended. Its super fast with up to 8Mb download speed and it include the Wirelss BT Home Hub for free. The free hub is a wireless router that connects your computer to your BT phone line, providing broadband wirelessly all over your house. It offers the utopia of access anywhere all the time in your house. You can be sitting in a your kitchen, drinking coffee while typing up notes and sending emails to your friends within minutes. Its super secure. It has a built-in firewall that is pre-configured for you, to keep hackers and other intruders out, and making sure that your computer and personal files are kept safe. Connecting external devices like your existing touchtone phone is a breeze so you can make cheap calls over the Internet.



Everything is on the internet as they say. Thats why when we are in the state of being unsure of something, we always go online and look for answers. Bettercaring is one webiste dedicated to do just that, answer questions of extreme importance about care for themselves and their loved ones. You can find care options that are available to you locally. You can also search for a care home that fit special requirements. Visit Bettercaring and arrange the right kind of care or just read the daily care news and receive tips from care experts.

Here are two questions that have been answered exceptionally.

What is the ideal care home?

How good is your care home diet?


How to Make Money with WidgetBucks

Recently, an advertising network known as WidgetBucks launched and began their quest to revolutionize the world of online marketing. In providing their pay-per-click shopping widget programs, WidgetBucks seeks to make advertising a much easier process for just about everyone involved. Traditional advertising is effective in some cases, but often times, it fails to meet the needs of companies. It just doesn’t reach customers in the right way. WidgetBucks is a different kind of online advertising, though.

Depending upon your role in the entire operation, WidgetBucks provides a different experience for various webmasters. The advertisements seem to reach customers in a different way. The latest marketing research has indicated that, on the whole, internet browsers are extremely fickle and they’re able to pick up on the tricks that marketing professionals bring. With WidgetBucks, the advertisements read more like content. Internet browsers see the WidgetBucks advertisements just like they do the articles on a webmaster’s site.

Webmasters have found that WidgetBucks can be very profitable when compared to other forms of affiliate marketing. Most website owners report a very high click through rate and from that, a solid CPM. What is the primary reason why this is happening? WidgetBucks serves the hot niches in the website industry. Among the popular niches are video games, sports, jewelry, health topics, and plenty of other things that are currently hot in the industry.

If you are a webmaster and you plan on making the big bucks using this advertising program, you better have a website in one of the popular niches. Otherwise, their advertising seems to fall short of the mark. Their advertisements are well written and are designed to make people really want to explore the product being advertised, but some webmasters find that their site is not one that benefits from such marketing.

The referral program is also very popular and is a good way to make some income using the program. At last check, WidgetBucks had an offer of $25 for any person who registers their high traffic site. From there, webmasters aren’t finished making money through WidgetBucks. You can earn 10% of the total lifetime earnings of all of the people you refer through your personal referral link. Depending upon who clicks on your site, this could end up being a very profitable aspect of the entire operation.

As far as payments go, there is a little bit of a waiting period. This can be frustrating at first, but after a while, the cycle begins to catch up to itself and you’ll be receiving regular payments. Just 45 days after the end of the month, WidgetBucks will send payment through either the Paypal system or through a personal check.

On the whole, WidgetBucks is a pretty good new system and they stand to revolutionize the market some. The advertisements are well written, which is the main difference between these ads and some of the other ones that you might see online.

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