The Agloco Viewbar Delayed Yet Again.

The agloco viewbar has been delayed again and the agloco offical blog has not stated the new release date. Maybe they'll release it much sooner and surprise us all. I'm still positive about agloco although there has been a lot of negative feedbacks with the delay of the agloco viewbar. I'm hoping they'll release the agloco viewbar sooner or they'll have a negative image. Most people are hesitant to sign up with agloco since you cant start making money right away and delaying the viewbar would further hurt their image.



The agloco viewbar will be released soon. It will be release by batch depending on how early you have joined. Agloco official blog answered some issues and concerns raised by its members. Here is what they have to say.

Referral Issues – There have been two issues brought up here recently, and both are actually old issues. One was about the verification email referral link not being complete and the other was about the verification email link resulting in an error message. First let me say that in both cases the referral is correctly in the system and when the new Member does verify their email address that person will be recorded correctly to the person who made the referral. As to the ‘broken’ link, David North is correct that some email providers have different ways of reading emails. In order to reduce the spam filters and blocking of verification emails a couple of months ago we put all verification emails in plain text form. This works well on gmail and hotmail, but not all mail services – I will see if we can add some more language in the verification email to help people who get this problem. The second ‘issue’, an error message, is the result of trying to sign someone up on a computer that is currently logged into another AGLOCO Member account. This happens very rarely and is usually solved by simply logging out and then clicking on the verification email link.

Regarding Member cash payouts – I made the comment about this in my post as I saw several Members promoting instant cash and get rich quick language. While we look forward to making cash payments, AGLOCO has consistently stated that cash payments would be from AGLOCO’s positive cash. One of the biggest mistakes that AllAdvantage made was to promise a fixed hourly payout for browsing. They failed because they were paying out more money than they were bringing in and so they ran out of money very quickly. AGLOCO needs to be a sustainable business to make it worth anything for its Members. Building a sustainable company involves three primary things. First, building and maintaining significant revenue sources; second, keeping operating costs low (including salaries – AGLOCO Management has not yet been paid any salary); and third, paying Members the net cash flow. The hours you earn from the moment you first start using the Viewbar will count towards your cash payments. As I mention in the post:

“Members will begin to accumulate hours from when they first start using the Viewbar (and referral hours will also be earned). Those hours will not be wasted. Both overall hours and monthly hours will be used in determining distributions to Members.”

Information and transparency – To answer some specific questions: Yes, we will be disclosing AGLOCO’s financials, and we will do this as soon as we have income for a couple of months so we can show meaningful numbers. No, we will not be disclosing details of deals with advertisers, etc. (it could stop some companies from doing business with AGLOCO if we gave away too many details). We will not be posting lists of every advertiser – nor does Yahoo, Google or CBS for that matter. As those of you who are in business know, there will be times when, even though we have an answer to a question, we will need to stay quiet during negotiations (and we have several items like that right now).

When the agloco viewbar is realse, I'm hoping this would be one of the best ways to make money online and a great income source.


Can You Make Money Taking Paid Surveys?

With all the attention – both negative and positive – that online paid surveys are getting these days, I am sure some of you have preconceived ideas about paid surveys already. However, as with most other things, it is better if you do some background research (as you are probably doing now because you are reading this forum) before you pass judgment.

Online paid surveys have gotten a lot of flak and some of them are not unjustified. There are several reasons for this, the main one would be the scammers out there who just want your personal details so that they can spam you. Yet there are legitimate online paid survey sites and market research companies out there who are definitely not scammers but nevertheless do not provide the expectations of their panelists.

If you are like me, your main goal in taking online paid surveys is to earn cash. This is the main issue even with legit online paid survey sites actually. Though many of them are not out to scam you, they do not actually pay cash for their surveys. Instead, you get trinkets and other token rewards. Otherwise, you are just entered for a cash drawing. Those drawings involve considerable amounts of money but of course, what are the chances of you actually winning them on a regular basis?

Our best bet then is to pinpoint the sites that actually do pay cash for each survey taken. These sites will not probably pay much – several dollars at best. It may not seem much but in my experience, many little things add up to bigger things. So my strategy is to sign up with as many sites as possible. I make sure that the sites do pay cash (no matter how small) for each and every survey completed. As I will probably get a limited amount of surveys per company anyway, I just make sure that I can make up for it with quantity. Several dollars per week per site actually adds up to a fair amount in a month’s time. I also take on sites that pay in gift checks or certificates. Though I wouldn’t be getting cold cash, I’d still be able to purchase what I want with them.

How do survey companies make money?

They actually do get a lot in return for paying you to answer their surveys. Big brand names pays this survey companies to help them in researching, assessing, and testing the applicability of new products or experimenting with new advertising methods for their existing products. These collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn from the consumer responses is having incalculable monetary, intellectual, or financial worth to them.

The data can be used to find the right market for their product and estimate interest in their products. They can also test advertising before they spend a huge amount of money on a national advertising campaign.

Not only do the companies get a huge amount of sum from the information gathered from consumer responses, but they can even use the amount in the aggregate to form very detailed ideas of what a certain market segment wants or needs. Consumer testing done through paid surveys are one of the most important methods of research and testing that big companies use to research, develop and market their products. It's a win-win for them, for the consumer and for the people taking and answering the surveys.


Agloco List Updated

I have updated the agloco list. If you have an agloco blog and you want to be added to the agloco list, make a blog post, copy the list and post a comment and I will manually add your agloco blog to the agloco list. For the html code, copy it here.

The Agloco List

Exciting New Changes in Blogsvertise

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New features:

Grab bag - If a blogger forget to take the offered opportunity or decide not to accept it, it will be placed into the Grab Bag.

Blogsvertise now works with bloggers worldwide.


Agloco Viewbar Update!

Well, the agloco viewbar is still not released but here are the initial details of the viewbar taken from the official blog:

The Download Process: As we have discussed, we will be releasing the Viewbar first to Members who joined first. Currently, the plan is to have the Viewbar first be available to Members with ID#s beginning in BBBB to BBBF (as well as Members with an ID# beginning in “AGLO”). This is about 50,000 Members. We will then continue releasing the Viewbar to more and more Members in the order in which they signed up (again, all Members will be notified by email when their account is authorized for Viewbar download).

Multiple Users on One Viewbar: As stated previously, multiple Members may use the same Viewbar on the same computer. Only one Viewbar download will be necessary as the Viewbar software will enable each Member to log in and log out using their AGLOCO Member ID# and password (obviously, only one Member ID# can be accumulating Viewbar hours at any one time).

Initial Launch for Windows: The initial Viewbar release will be for Windows Vista, XP, and 2000. Later, we will release Mac and Linux versions of the Viewbar. Until that occurs, Mac/Linux users can still log onto any supported Windows computer and accumulate their five hours. Hopefully, five hours a month (about 10 minutes a day on average) on a Windows-based computer can be manageable until the Mac version can be released.

Seamless Updates: The v1.0 Viewbar is purposely simplistic and minimalist, but it also comes equipped with an automatic self-updating feature. Once you download the Viewbar for the first time, your Viewbar will be seamlessly updated with new additions and features as they become available.

Revenue and Ad Deals: As a member of the revenue team, I am happy to report that we now have agreements with 17 ad networks. These agreements plus some direct advertising deals provide AGLOCO with thousands of advertisers with thousands of ads for the Viewbar software.

Also, AGLOCO had a record day of new Member signups yesterday – just wanted to thank all for you who have been supporting AGLOCO with your continued recruiting efforts.

We’re about to launch! I am very excited, I hope you are too.

Brian Greenwald
AGLOCO Development Team


Make Money Completing Offers and Surveys

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The agloco viewbar is still not available. I can't wait for its released. I have high expectations for this new way to make money online. Everyone seems to be talking about agloco. Agloco is all over the blogosphere but the agloco viewbar is still in the making. Engineers are based in China. Are they outsourcing to save? confused.