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Wow. Ive just made a blogpost a couple of days ago about spymac and now I got this email.

You've made $1.39 on Spymac! Your total balance is now $1.39! We gave you this money because one of your friends uploaded something to our site that received a lot of visitors, and you as the invitor have earned 10% of their revenue.
So $1.39 is 10% of $14. That referral of mine got something really interesting or its just that easy and fast to make money using Spymac. And that is just for one referral. For my part, its not really that big amount of money but its good to see some earning. Spymac seems to be another great alternative to make money online. I'd say it has lot of potential, the underdog of making money opportunities online. I highly recommend it and I would like to invite you to join.


The agloco viewbar is still not available. I can't wait for its released. I have high expectations for this new way to make money online. Everyone seems to be talking about agloco. Agloco is all over the blogosphere but the agloco viewbar is still in the making. Engineers are based in China. Are they outsourcing to save? confused.


Anonymous said...

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linet said...


i 'll be back soon