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Anyone is capable of making money online. Everyone has some gift even if it is only the ability to listen to someone else and lend them a shoulder to lean on. If you are good in giving advice, you might be good in writing as well. Make money online by writing on your favorite topic. It it possible to make money online and earn a regular income even at home by writing on any topic of your interest. This is possible through Google Adsense program. The most widely known technique of making money online. You can start by opening a blog for free at blogspot. You can also buy .info domains if you don't like a blogspot subdomain. Godaddy is selling .info domains for as low as $.99. If you post relevant information regularly on topics of your interest, you will get hits or visitors. After you received natural traffic from search engines, its time to apply for Google Adsense and start to make money even at home. If your website has followed the rules and regulations of Google Adsense, your site will be approved within 2-3 days. Making money using Google Adsense depends on the number of visitors to your blog/site. You have to learn some seo and do link building if you want to rank well in search engine results page. Join digitalpoint, its all you need to learn seo. Remember, the number of visitors to your site reflects your adsense earning.

If you are making $2 from one of your blog, imagine if you have 10 blogs. That would be $20/day and $600 per month. Sweet! But making money online is not that easy. You have to provide quality information if you want readers to visit your blog regularly. If others would find your site useful, your blog would be bookmarked or they would linkback to your blog and that would help you rank on top of search engine result page.

Adsense also has an attractive referral program. If a visitor to your site joins Adsense by clicking on the referral button on your website, you will earn US$250 as soon as your referral earns $100.

Google Adsense

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