Simple Way to Make Money Online

Domain parking is another simple way to make money online from your domains' natural traffic e.g. common misspellings like yotube instead of youtube.

To make money using domain parking, you need to register a domain or if you already have a registered domain but they are not currently being used, then domain parking is a good way to generate some revenue and put those domains to work. Add relevant ads to them and you earn money every time a consumer clicks on the ad.

It’s a gold mine once you get familiar and mastered these tricks. Click here for more information and see an example of a parked domain.


Adam Raley said...

hi J.Rock,

If you go to Agloco Income Buddy
you can see the AGLOCO link under Useful Links, this is YOUR blog. It has been in that same spot for at least a month.

For some reason if you click on my blog through its listing on google, none of those links show up. I do not know why.


Anonymous said...

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