Make money online using FeedBurner’s Ad Network

Make money online and monetize your blog using FeedBurner’s Ad Network. As you have notice Ive added feedburner on my blog. No subscribers yet. Be the first.

What does it do?

Feedburner, the world’s most popular feed hosting is best known for its Atom-to-RSS conversion: you give it an Atom feed URL (e.g. http://myagloconetwork.blogspot.com/atom.xml ), and you get a URL that contains the up-to-date RSS version of it.

What is RSS?

RSS is an increasingly popular means for people to read your blog content, its an excellent opportunity to make sure that you make money online and don't lose out on advertising revenue, even if your readers never visit your website directly.

I have not yet generated any revenue from FAN since participation in FeedBurner’s Ad Network is by invitation and most of the visitors who had bookmarked this blog used the default old blogger atom feed. Please update your feeds.

The following criteria must be meet to get accepted:

How long FeedBurner has managed your feed
Your subscribership size, consistency, and frequency of content publication.


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