An important read for those hesitant to sign up.

YouTube was acquired for $1.65 billion by Google in October 2006. The story of how three guys made hundreds of millions of dollars in one year is a great tale of entrepreneurial success. But what happened to the first users who posted their videos on the site and told their friends to do the same? We don't hear about them, because they did not get anything (other than free video hosting). Wasn't it really these users that helped turn YouTube into a multi-billion dollar company? Sure the site is great and the founders deserve all the credit they get, but it is the users who ultimately made it valuable. There are plenty of video sites, and if it wasn't YouTube, another site could have filled the space, become a household name and been acquired for an amazing price.

We are not trying to pick on YouTube (which we happen to love using). How about the early users of Skype? What about those who first downloaded the software, made calls to their friends in different countries and told their parents to use it as well? They did not see a penny of the $2.6 billion that eBay paid for the company in September 2005. And MySpace? How about the millions of members there? How did they do when News Corp. bought the company for almost $600 million? After all, it was the members that Rupert Murdoch was after when he purchased the site.
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Interview with the Agloco Founders

Why dont you Sign Up?? Agloco is free and signing up doesnt take too much time.


Agloco FAQ

Heres an agloco faq from barbarafeldman. A must read..

Ive got quite a few questions about my promotion of Agloco last week. Apparently I did a terrible job of explaining it, so Here's some FAQs.

Q: Isn't this a scam?
A: No. It is founded by people with a history of successful startups, and it was recommended by by three highly reputable person: John Chow, David Lawrence and Ray Everett-Church. It doesn't cost anything to join, so you have nothing to lose.

Q: Can teenagers join?
A: Yes. You must be at least thirteen years old to join.

Q: Isn't this a Ponzi scheme?
A: No. It doesn't cost anything to join, so it is not a Ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes are illegal, and the basics of an illegal Ponzi scheme are when the money you pay to join is then paid out to those who sponsored you. The problem comes when no one else is joining, the last people who joined lose their money. Agloco is NOT a Ponzi scheme.

Q: Is it spyware?
A: No, Agloco is not spyware. There is a tool bar to install, but Agloco is totally committed to privacy. They do not sell, rent or give away your personally identifiable personal information to any marketer or advertiser. For more details, see their published Privacy Policy.

Q: Is it a virus?
No. When you download the toolbar from the Agloco site, it will be virus-free.

Q: Do I have to click on ads to make money?
A: No... all you need to do is to actively surf the Internet with the toolbar installed for up to five hours PER MONTH, and get others to join Agloco to do the same.

Q: Is it a virus?
A: No. If you download the toolbar from the Agloco site, it will be virus-free.

Q: Will I make a lot of money?
A: I do not know how much money any of us will make. Agloco is very new, and the toolbar has not even been released yet. All I know is that I did make money with the last company started by some of these folks, and that's enough to get me to jump on board with their new company.

Q: What's all this about stock and ownership?
Actually, I am not sure. Perhaps the stock will be valuable, perhaps it won't. Then again, it doesn't cost anything to join, and I'm willing to give it a try. How about you?

Q: After I join, where do I find MY membership link to pass onto my friends?

A: After you login, you will find your link under the green "Referral Center" button. It says:

Your personal automatic referral link is:

Q: How do I join?
A: You can join by clicking on my membership link:

If it asks for a referal ID, please use my member ID BBBB2380 .


Search Engines paying users

Ross Dunn of WebProNews posted this article about search engines that are paying their users to use their services. Agloco was mentioned.

"If at first you do not succeed, try and buy your market share." Okay, admittedly this is a bad example of the mantra I am trying to get across but it does fairly represent the enticements a couple of search engines are using to attract users; Blingo and AGLOCO.

1) Blingo: Owned by The Publisher's Clearing House, the search engine Blingo is randomly giving away prizes to those who search on their site. They have even made it viral by providing a duplicate prize to the person who referred the winner.

2) AGLOCO: The core concept of this search engine is that it is a co-operative. Users who sign up and use its proprietary "Viewbar" to search the net will get paid per hour and will be treated like a shareholder by getting a chunk of the company's profits. Members will also get paid for referrals to friends; the crucial viral marketing method. This is not a new concept, in fact AGLOCO was created by a couple founders of the similar but long dead AllAdvantage search company. Apparently the founders that started AGLOCO feel there is a better chance the second time around.

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AGLOCO Update #2

AGLOCO is eight weeks old and growing quickly.

We opened up the AGLOCO Membership prior to launching the service so that many of you could reap the rewards of being the real founders and builders of the AGLOCO Economic Network.
# Over 30,000 of you have already recruited a least one new Member to AGLOCO (and some of you have recruited referral networks of more than 10,000).
# This recruiting effort has been going on around the globe. Google results for “AGLOCO” now include many different languages (75,000 pages in Chinese - even 150 pages in Lithuanian).

During AGLOCO’s pre-launch phase, we have been improving the functionality and information on the AGLOCO website (with much still to do) and we have been working on the central communication piece of the network, the Viewbar software (still a few weeks away).

If you want to read a widely used recruiting email, feel free to click here for one that was posted on our official blog: http://blog.agloco.com/?p=6. Make sure to replace the referral link in the sample email with your referral link, which is: http://www.agloco.com/r/BBBB2380 (over 1,700 referrals)

During this exciting time, one of the best ways to keep up with the changes, updates, and improvements happening at AGLOCO is through our official blog, found at:
blog.agloco.com. It is updated often with new posts and official responses to comments.

Thanks again for being the most valuable part of your company.

Dan Jorgensen
Member Coordinator


Now is the perfect time to build your referrals

The agloco viewbar has not been released as Ive mentioned in my earlier post. Although this might sound like a bad thing since you cant start earning money atm, I suggest you take this time to get your own agloco referrals. Sign up your friends, your mother or grandparents. Agloco is free. All you have to do is run the agloco viewbar and surf the internet as you normally do. Don’t wait for the viewbar to come out before you start referring because there is little competition at the moment and not many people yet knows about agloco which makes it the perfect time to get referrals. If you are thinking that Waiting before the viewbar is released will make it easier for people to sign up under you, problem is, what if the people you wanted to sign up has already signed up with someone else? Its better to start early. Refer now.


Trusted Internet Mogul

John Chow dot com is one of the blogs I visit everyday and get excited of every new post. I learned a lot from that site, highly informative like if you want to make your site better, link building and ways on how to earn money from your blog. I haven't heard of alladvantage before and in fact he was the one who introduced me to agloco. Of course I signed up right away. I usually don't believe in most get paid to programs on the web cause I thought most cannot be trusted but since the news came from him, I signed up right away without any doubt. Agloco does pay and if you want more proof, visit his blog.

Since I'm new to blogging, his blog has been of great help. His post are excellent and easy to understand. I did a review of his site to gain exposure since he is already a trusted internet mogul, his blog receives high traffic, and lot of subscribed readers. Somehow this will give more exposure to my site and gain readers as well. You can also review his blog by visiting this page and get a linkback in return. Thanks John.


Agloco, earn money tru its advertisers

People buy products online, thats a fact. Businesses grow in huge sum on the Internet because of the increase of people who prefers to buy products online. Agloco, harnessing this potential acts as an advertiser of different products and thus make money by helping businesses advertise their products to Internet users. The Agloco Viewbar displays ads that are targeted based upon the websites you're visiting. When you click on an ad and make a purchase, the company receives a referral fee, which they then pass on to the members. It does not however mean you have to buy a product to earn. You can still earn money just by running the agloco viewbar.

Time Magazine named "you" as the People of the Year because of our contribution to the internet such us your blogs, this agloco blog, the videos you upload in youtube or anything you've contributed to the internet.

All of them get to earn a living. At AGLOCO, they asked a simple question: The users created the community, where’s their share of the profit? Shouldn’t the users at least get something?

"It was from this question that AGLOCO set out to create the Internet’s first Economic Network, harnessing the power of Internet-based social networks to directly benefit the Members who help to create the community."

It costs nothing to Join Agloco and takes less than one minute. Sign up.


Paid to surf

Yes!! Legit get paid to surf is back brought to you by Agloco, although you still cannot earn money at the moment because the agloco viewbar is currently in beta release. I would like to emphasize again that its still in beta, no earnings at the moment but you can already start referring other members to join the agloco network. This is one way of earning more money from agloco by referring other members to join. Much better if you sign up early and refer members since the members are not yet that big and you'll have a higher chance of getting a lot of referrals. But the agloco network is growing fast. A quick search in google for agloco yields 931,000 result, close to a million already and the site went live just 3 months ago. Legit get paid to surf is indeed back!!


Agloco, a detailed analysis

Simmons Report: Agloco, a detailed analysis on the amount of personal value an AGLOCO user could get, with a special focus on a user who is actively referring new users to AGLOCO.


The valuation conclusions are based on AGLOCO reaching two million users in a two year time span:

A user who has no referrals should receive ownership in AGLOCO worth on average about $150. (plus monthly cash distributions)
The average value of an AGLOCO user’s referral network should be $30 each in ownership shares plus the referrer’s share of monthly cash distribution.
The average AGLOCO direct referral should be worth in excess of $3,000 each (see example below for details)
The analysis also shows a range of monthly cash distributions of between $5 and $15 a month per user.
The AGLOCO business model looks theoretically sound – (assuming they get to a decent size quickly - at least 500,000 users within nine months to a year)

Referral Example:

* A user recruits ten people (10 direct referrals) –
* If on average, each direct referral recruits 3 new users (some will recruit many and some none, but the average is 3 for each level of your network) -- Value of 10 referrals $300
* The user would have 30 indirect users one person removed. – Value of 30 referrals $900
* The user would have 90 indirect users two people removed -- Value of 90 referrals $2,700
* The user would have 270 indirect users three people removed -- Value of 270 referrals $8,100
* The user would have 810 indirect users four people removed -- Value of 810 referrals $24,300
* Total referrals the user would have in the network would be 1,210.

Read more..


Agloco - transparency to gain loyalty and trust.

Bes Zain has a this article published about "The Importance of transparency in blogging"

Heres an excerpt taken from We Blog Tools Collection that discusses how a company like agloco shows transparency to gain trust from their visitors.

Any site on the internet can use the power of transparency to gain loyalty and trust. Whatever a site maybe about, the more information it gives to readers about the nature of the content offered, the better. Take Agloco as an example. It is run by the same founders who ran AllAdvantage. AllAdvantage became popular in 1999 because it paid online users to view ads. It closed in 2001 because of not earning enough money. Agloco explains this on its new site with details about the past and how the new model is more stable. This comparison is a form of transparency, where a company mentions the bad things that happened before and explains the current plans in order to regain any broken trust from previous users. This way, users can know about the risks involved when using such a service. Simply visit http://www.Agloco.com directly.