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YouTube was acquired for $1.65 billion by Google in October 2006. The story of how three guys made hundreds of millions of dollars in one year is a great tale of entrepreneurial success. But what happened to the first users who posted their videos on the site and told their friends to do the same? We don't hear about them, because they did not get anything (other than free video hosting). Wasn't it really these users that helped turn YouTube into a multi-billion dollar company? Sure the site is great and the founders deserve all the credit they get, but it is the users who ultimately made it valuable. There are plenty of video sites, and if it wasn't YouTube, another site could have filled the space, become a household name and been acquired for an amazing price.

We are not trying to pick on YouTube (which we happen to love using). How about the early users of Skype? What about those who first downloaded the software, made calls to their friends in different countries and told their parents to use it as well? They did not see a penny of the $2.6 billion that eBay paid for the company in September 2005. And MySpace? How about the millions of members there? How did they do when News Corp. bought the company for almost $600 million? After all, it was the members that Rupert Murdoch was after when he purchased the site.
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Ted said...

The fact is that most people who join Agloco do not have:

1) a large mailing list,
2) a website with good traffic,
3) or an active blog with many subscribers.

So what do you do if you fall into this category? You could surf around looking for "free" place to put your Agloco ad, post, banner etc on and hope for the best.

In the meantime, you most likely don't know who your sponsor is. And if you did it's quite possible he/she is in the same boat as you.

Another fact is that after the viewbar launch, Agloco is going to shift into another gear (growth) and after the first check or shares are delivered I suspect the growth will kick up another notch. Before you know it there will be 10,000,000 members and a healthy percent will be looking to expand their own network.

It's going to get crowded. What to do....

One option is paid advertising. OK..fine you say....but where? How do I know if this or that source is good?

Well I've been there...done that as they say and have finally found a source that I use. They test and review traffic and advertising sources and are worth every penny

Go ahead and check them out. It may be what you are looking for.


P.S. If you have or are considering Guaranteed Signups, keep these 2 things in mind. Use non-incentivized (not paid or given a gift to sign up) guaranteed signups and be sure you get their email address promptly so that you can communicate with them. I have a good post on this here.