Agloco - transparency to gain loyalty and trust.

Bes Zain has a this article published about "The Importance of transparency in blogging"

Heres an excerpt taken from We Blog Tools Collection that discusses how a company like agloco shows transparency to gain trust from their visitors.

Any site on the internet can use the power of transparency to gain loyalty and trust. Whatever a site maybe about, the more information it gives to readers about the nature of the content offered, the better. Take Agloco as an example. It is run by the same founders who ran AllAdvantage. AllAdvantage became popular in 1999 because it paid online users to view ads. It closed in 2001 because of not earning enough money. Agloco explains this on its new site with details about the past and how the new model is more stable. This comparison is a form of transparency, where a company mentions the bad things that happened before and explains the current plans in order to regain any broken trust from previous users. This way, users can know about the risks involved when using such a service. Simply visit http://www.Agloco.com directly.


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