Paid to surf

Yes!! Legit get paid to surf is back brought to you by Agloco, although you still cannot earn money at the moment because the agloco viewbar is currently in beta release. I would like to emphasize again that its still in beta, no earnings at the moment but you can already start referring other members to join the agloco network. This is one way of earning more money from agloco by referring other members to join. Much better if you sign up early and refer members since the members are not yet that big and you'll have a higher chance of getting a lot of referrals. But the agloco network is growing fast. A quick search in google for agloco yields 931,000 result, close to a million already and the site went live just 3 months ago. Legit get paid to surf is indeed back!!

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kzwiep said...

I'm not familiar with Agoloco.