Search Engines paying users

Ross Dunn of WebProNews posted this article about search engines that are paying their users to use their services. Agloco was mentioned.

"If at first you do not succeed, try and buy your market share." Okay, admittedly this is a bad example of the mantra I am trying to get across but it does fairly represent the enticements a couple of search engines are using to attract users; Blingo and AGLOCO.

1) Blingo: Owned by The Publisher's Clearing House, the search engine Blingo is randomly giving away prizes to those who search on their site. They have even made it viral by providing a duplicate prize to the person who referred the winner.

2) AGLOCO: The core concept of this search engine is that it is a co-operative. Users who sign up and use its proprietary "Viewbar" to search the net will get paid per hour and will be treated like a shareholder by getting a chunk of the company's profits. Members will also get paid for referrals to friends; the crucial viral marketing method. This is not a new concept, in fact AGLOCO was created by a couple founders of the similar but long dead AllAdvantage search company. Apparently the founders that started AGLOCO feel there is a better chance the second time around.

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