Now is the perfect time to build your referrals

The agloco viewbar has not been released as Ive mentioned in my earlier post. Although this might sound like a bad thing since you cant start earning money atm, I suggest you take this time to get your own agloco referrals. Sign up your friends, your mother or grandparents. Agloco is free. All you have to do is run the agloco viewbar and surf the internet as you normally do. Don’t wait for the viewbar to come out before you start referring because there is little competition at the moment and not many people yet knows about agloco which makes it the perfect time to get referrals. If you are thinking that Waiting before the viewbar is released will make it easier for people to sign up under you, problem is, what if the people you wanted to sign up has already signed up with someone else? Its better to start early. Refer now.

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