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We set up AGLOCO to give the rewards to Members that they deserve, and this includes the rewards of building the company as a Founding Member. Naturally, as an AGLOCO founder you are getting an unusually candid look into the early activity of a start-up company. This includes both good and bad news, as well as an early look at (and some input into) the decisions that are usually made long before Members have a chance to see the issue at hand.

One of the many functions of the AGLOCO Company Blog is to field some questions posed in comments and elsewhere. I will talk about a few of those now.

First: No, Alice, I am not married and yes, I have a girlfriend. And for Bill, I work mainly on the Revenue team at AGLOCO (in the transactions area of revenue), but as with any small start-up company, most people help out in more than one area.

Forms of Payments to Members: AGLOCO will make cash payments to Members in various forms, always trying to minimize costs and balance that with Member convenience. Forms should include bank-to-bank (ACH), PayPal (and similar), credit to cards (like VISA), and checks in the mail. We will also try to pay in local currencies wherever possible (I heard the question on eGold and I do not have the answer yet).

Member Calculator: If you’ve taken a look at the AGLOCO website lately, you’ll notice that we’ve improved the Member Calculator page based on your suggestions. The mechanics of the calculator are the same, but we have clarified some of the text and added an example to illustrate how it might be used. Let us know what you think!

Viewbar Status: Here’s the quick report. The good news is that the Viewbar release is currently slated for March. And the bad news is the Viewbar release is currently slated for March.

Obviously, I have two minds when it comes to this. I really want the Viewbar out there. I want Members to start using it. I want advertisers and online merchants using it. And I want to start generating revenue for Members and the company.

On the other hand, I also want more time to get ready for the Viewbar. As a part of the AGLOCO Revenue team, I want to have more time to get more agreements in place so the Viewbar makes more money even at the start.

I hear two minds from Members as well. Some Members want the Viewbar out because it would help in recruiting, and because they are eager to start earning. Other Members have expressed that they do not want it out right now because they want more time to get their networks growing before the Viewbar attracts so much recruiting competition.

Thus my mixed feelings. I will try to keep you posted on this on a weekly or bi-weekly basis until it is released (if I bug the engineers too often, they ‘snarl’ at me).

Equity/shares: As stated in previous comments, due to legal restrictions in many countries regarding a discussion of a company’s equity/shares, sales, earnings, and other things of that nature, this blog unfortunately cannot address any of those issues. This would also be true if we were Google, Yahoo, IBM, Toyota, eBay, or any other company (basically, all companies have strict controls on making forward-looking statements on these topics).

How much will I make from AGLOCO? This question has the same legal restrictions regarding “earnings” as equity/stock. There are a number of Member studies and reports out there which give their opinions. I usually find them in a search of Technorati or Google Blogs.

Have a great day!

Brian Greenwald
AGLOCO Development Team


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