Agloco How to?

All you have to to do is download their software (the agloco viewbar), it would install itself onto your browser, and as you surf the net, you are presented with relevant ads in your browsers toolbar. Businesses, advertisers pays agloco to display their ads in their viewbar, and you get paid when they are clicked, and a purchase is made. This has been how agloco advertise their get paid to surf program, by sharing the total revenue made by agloco and then split them between the members. Everyone wins - its just, some people will win more if they have more referrals.

There has been a lot of hype about agloco. It now has a million search result. A lot of blogs and websites has been made. So what’s with all the hype with agloco? Is this really a legit get paid to surf program? An internet pyramid scheme? I guess no. If you study closely the model behind agloco, this is what advertising should be in the first place. Sharing the revenue to everyone. Also, I discovered agloco tru a blog post by John Chow. A trusted internet mogul. Why shouldn't I join. Signing up is fast and its free. Nothing to lose. Bigger names were supporting it and they wouldn't risk their reputation to build their pyramid scheme right?

Join my Agloco network and Yes!, you will be able to create your own as well.

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