The Agloco Viewbar Delayed Yet Again.

The agloco viewbar has been delayed again and the agloco offical blog has not stated the new release date. Maybe they'll release it much sooner and surprise us all. I'm still positive about agloco although there has been a lot of negative feedbacks with the delay of the agloco viewbar. I'm hoping they'll release the agloco viewbar sooner or they'll have a negative image. Most people are hesitant to sign up with agloco since you cant start making money right away and delaying the viewbar would further hurt their image.


BYH said...

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Agloco Referrer said...

it's starting to worry me. all this work gwetting 6 in my network for what!!!

Anonymous said...

hope viewbar will be released soon...b/w u can check ur agloco rank here... pagedetails.com

bhjayalaxmi said...

hello ,
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Kassper said...
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Kassper said...

Yea, we're all nervous about the Viewbar release...

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