10 Ways to Make Money Online from a Blog

1) Blog on a Niche. You don't have to be an expert on that Niche. You just need to be passionate about YOUR Blog.

2) Find a topic which have about 4-5 thousand searches using some tool like Overture.

3) Choose a topic which has less competition so that it becomes easier to rank. Check the keyword difficulty using this tool Seochat Keyword Difficulty Checker

4) Learn as much as possible about the topic and update your blog everyday about what you learned, in your own words so that the contents are unique.

5) Every blog post should target a particular search phrase or phrases. Bold the phrases within your content.

When you decide what topic you want to blog about, run the keyword or phrase through the google adwords keyword tool. This tool returns the search volume for the specific keyword and other related keywords. These related keywords can provide a good list of topics to discuss within the post.

6) Start commenting on other blogs, and try to form a bond with those bloggers so that they link to you in their blogroll. You will start getting PageRank. Once you have decent pagerank from the blog links, you can start exchanging links with other relevant websites or blogs to start ranking in SERP. The blog rolls might not help you rank in SERP but they will sure help in getting a PR, which can be used to exchange links with relevant sites and also to sell links for some extra revenue.

7) Start exchanging links with relevant sites. It will easy now since you have a decent PR. Keep exchanging Links. Keep updating these process of commenting on other blogs intelligently, and get new blogroll links.

8) Also, keep submitting to Directories to build the PR and some SERP. Submit to directories which accepts deep links also. Wherever you get deep links, try to get links to your blog posts. Submit site and posts to social bookmarking sites, especially Stumble, Digg, and Netscape.

9) Be active in forums that are related to your niche. Add your site to your signature and make relevant posts in the forum. This generates a fair amount of traffic for your site and builds relationships with others online in your niche.

10) Once you start earning some Adsense + chitika + kontera + link-ads + maybe tribalfusion + feedburner ads revenues, submit your blog to strong Paid directories like Aviva, Alive, etc etc... with the revenue. Pump back the revenue to your blog. Submit your posts whose targeted key phrases have the most Traffic in the deeplinks in the paid directories...

As long as you continue this, the money will keep pouring in.


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