Learn to Fail to be Successful in Making Money Online

Being successful online is part of all bloggers dream and to be successful in making money online, you need to fail to gain experiences and learn from your mistakes so that it will not repeat its history. Many people do not understand the word "Failure" and once they fail they never rebound again cause they fail, but being a failure comes with a wealth of experiences that no one can take away from you and only you could turn that into success, So what makes a blogger successful through numerous counts of failure and how you can make money out of your experiences?

I blogged with no result and i feel despaired!
Surely if you are a new blogger with little experiences in hand or even do not have a mentor to guide you through, sure enough it would be like a raft stranded in the rouge of seas. I would recommend you to continue with what you have started, be it about your personal life or a product that is not popular in the blogging society.
If you use your heart to give it all you can, seeing success will be what's next and remember not everyone tastes success within a short span of time.

Follow your heart to be a true blogger

Bloggers are humans and they do not possession super natural power to be successful but they sure have a heart which pushes them to the limit to say they want to be successful and how you could push yourself to that limit would be to tell yourself everyday that you will want to reach your goals.

Putting action to work
Once you have those goals in your mind, pushing yourself to find that dream would be a step closer and make sure you apply that goal you have set onto a project that you can name for yourself.

Making sure everything is in place
You need more than yourself alone to work on this project, make new friends online,Contact those bloggers who have established themselves a name on the internet and seek for guidances to better improve your project. I am very sure those successful bloggers will be very much delighted to help you in one or two tips.

Making sure you work to your goals
If you intend to be in this blogosphere for long, make sure you understand this is no 8 hours job that you normally do in your office from 9am to 5pm. Researching for new information and knowledge is the key to a successful blogger and it can last you on your computer table for a straight 16 hours if you are a newbie looking to optimize your own blog and over the months you will see more people starts to appreciate your work and that is your light to success.

Making Money seems to roll in after i am successful

Men are selfish bastards,they will always want the best out of everything and once you have made a name in the internet, it will spread like a viral disease where advertisers and sponsors flocking into your blog would seem automatic and now selling a space to them would seem difficult as you have a variety to choose and you will be spoiled for choices.

Are you all geared up to face your biggest word hurdle "Failure" and be it rain or shine you will crave that successful route made just for yourself?


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Great tips. Too many bloggers give up when they don't get instant traffic - it takes time.

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