Ask/AGLOCO Agreement Now Live

Just received this email from agloco.

These are exciting times for the company. The Ask search portion of the Ask/AGLOCO agreement went live earlier this week. We anticipate this quickly becoming AGLOCO's largest revenue source.

As the Members who have downloaded and installed the AGLOCO Viewbar software know, the Viewbar has internet search capabilities built right in. The most recent release of the Viewbar is programmed with Ask as the default search provider.

Ask searches that you start from your Viewbar work just like any web search, except that AGLOCO earns a share of the revenue when ads are clicked by Members. If you search the internet during the day (who doesn't?), you should try originating all of your searches from the Viewbar. (Please note: do not use excessive ad clicking on the Viewbar or Ask search results. Click fraud is against AGLOCO Member rules and Members caught in this activity will be terminated.)

The early Member comments about Ask on the AGLOCO Company Blog have been very favorable. We invite you to check out Ask's capabilities, and to compare it to Google and Yahoo. We think you will be very pleased with the Ask functionality and search results, as we have been.

We are glad to report this important step for the company to you, one of the Members, who makes this all possible. We will continue to update the Membership as we progress towards the company's goals.

Thank you for your support,

Danny Jorgensen
Member coordinator


Anonymous said...

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Their payment plan is a joke. I posted some comments about it on my blog.

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Anonymous said...

Agloco is dead, see their email when they were questioned..
Dear xxxx,

We would like to update you on the status of AGLOCO’s operations. We continue to believe in the AGLOCO concept, but our revenue is currently not sufficient to give Members a meaningful distribution. And though there are increases in membership, the resulting revenue is not enough to support operating costs. As a development team we are unable to continue to use our savings to fund the operations. If any Member would like to pursue continuing the operations of AGLOCO, you may contact us at agloco1@live.com.

We would like to thank every Member for supporting our effort to bring a piece of the Internet directly to the user. We hope that we can find a way to keep the operations going.

AGLOCO Development Team
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