Bidvertiser Referral Money is Really Good

Just got my first $20 from bidvertiser referral program. An advertiser signed up and reached his $50 threshold- that would be $20 for me. To be honest, bidvertiser is doing really well for this make money online blog and it looks like the referral money is also good.

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Azmi said...

whoa that's kool.Mind sharing your tactics of getting your referral?..:/

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Ashok Kumar said...

Ya, You are correct. Bidvertiser is good income opportunity for publishers to earn more income.

Make Money Online With Affiliate Programs said...

Yes, I agree. Bidvertiser is a good money maker. It contributes 20% of my online income.

Anonymous said...

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Paidforwritedown.Blogspot.Com said...

Thanks for the information bidvertiser. But do u think they pay % over adsense?

Manoj said...

Yes, its always better to have different streams of income I think Bidvertiser is gaining more popularity these days.

Anonymous said...

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AR said...


Earn Money Online said...

It has not so much burdens like adsense. Thatz good.

Anna said...

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Paid Surveys said...

Bidvertiser didn't do much for me at all. My best and easiest moneymaker is still taking paid surveys online. Try it yourself and you'll see how easy it can be to make money online.

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wilson said...


fantastic site congrats on your bidvertiser referral money I am hoping to get mine soon

Free online job said...

I also agree that bidvertiser is best alternative to adsense. But it can not better than adsense in any way although their rules are strict.
Thanks for your great informations.

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Ways For Teens To Make Money said...

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Bradford J Matthews said...

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