AGLOCO Viewbar is available but...

It's been two days since the agloco viewbar has been released but a new problem surface. The agloco website is having a major downtime. Sometimes the site cannot be access especially in Asia. It maybe due to the fact that many people are downloading the agloco viewbar. According to agloco official blog, the agloco ads will appear shortly. Well, the agloco viewbar is available for download and you can install it. It seems though that without the ads, members wouldn't be making any money. Advertisers pays for their ads to be shown in the agloco viewbar to showcase their products or services and they pay agloco everytime its members view the ads. Then the money earned is divided and shared to its members. Without the ads, members would have no earnings. Hopefully, agloco would fix this soon.


Nik said...

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AglocoCenter said...

It's down alright and this isn't first time either. They should really do something to their servers.


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Luis Figo said...

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Adam said...

why doesn't anyone tell you that agloco doesn't actually pay out to anyone yet? a lot of people out there have been claiming that they have been recieving check when agloco themselve admit that no one is being paid yet. check their "official" blog. just curious... i don't know, i just believe in honesty i guess. btw, yes, i'm already signed up for agloco. i just don't like hyping it up if it's not making any money "yet"... how mad would people be if after making a buch of money for themselves they shut down and disappeared, haha...anyway, thats all i got...


fmstyle said...

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