Get paid as a Mahalo PTG

Jason Calacanis’ search engine, Mahalo, is built by humans. This means that some guy or girl was directly responsible for creating the results for a certain search query; if no one did that, Mahalo will simply display search results by Google. The question until now was, how the hell are they going to get enough people to do all these results? After all, there is a lot of search queries out there.

The Mahalo Greenhouse is where talented part-time Guides (PTGs) help Mahalo create the best search results on the internet. PTGs create search results in the Mahalo Greenhouse for terms Mahalo has yet to cover, and if their full-time Guides approve the PTGs' search results, those results will be moved from the Mahalo Greenhouse to Mahalo. Anyone can apply to be a PTG. PTGs are paid $10 to $15 for each search result approved and added to Mahalo. Please note that at they can only pay U.S. citizens. If you are not a U.S. citizen, they will make a donation to the Wikimedia Foundation in your name.

Read the FAQ here.


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