Get Paid For Filling Up Online Surveys

Paid online surveys have been around for years, but some people are still very skeptical about these so called money making surveys. You can find these surveys all over the internet and are listed on many different sites. These surveys are really easy to complete, but don’t expect to start making millions off of these offers, most only pay $5-$10 per survey. They are pretty easy to complete, but can be really time consuming.

The way these surveys work is that big companies need honest reviews from customers. So they release surveys in which they pay the websites a commission for every survey they have completed by a consumer. Part of the commission is then passed on to you. So it’s a legitimate money making venture.

Some sites are scams. There are two things to think about when signing up for an online survey site. The first is just to think. If the site is offering you to win a prize just for signing up, take a look around and see what you can find on the site. Also, sites that are making you fill out a lot of information after signing up, are almost certainly spam. A good way to avoid being spammed is searching for an online survey forum and talking with experienced people there. They will help you get your feet off the ground.

We have compiled a few tips to help you to get the most out of taking online surveys. First, sign up with as many online survey sites you can find. This will ensure that you receive the most survey invitations possible. Signing up with only one survey site won’t get you many invitations, but if you sign up for ten or even twenty, you could be getting fifteen or more surveys per day. Another tip is to fill out your profile after registering for the site. This may or may not be used in screening members for surveys. Also it’s always better to use the correct information. Another thing is to be honest when answering the surveys, the information collected is taken very seriously. And one final tip, check your email often. Survey invitations sometimes are limited to a certain number of people or only last for a certain period of time. So be sure to check your email once, twice, or even three times daily. One more thing to remember is to set up a separate email account just for survey invitations, and turn all of your spam filters off. This is because some survey companies may trigger your filters, and then you may never know they invited you to a survey.

One of the keys to making money with online surveys is to establish multiple streams of income. Each of these different web sites that offer online surveys might only provide a few dollars each month, but with enough different sites that you sign up with, you will find that you are able to earn a pretty good amount of money with these surveys. Paid Surveys can provide a terrific second income source that will continue to grow as you become more experienced with filling out online surveys.


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Maria said...

I am also a member of many paid surveys and i do get regular surveys from many of the survey sites! I have found that many of the people do not provide full information about themselves to these survey sites and so they are got ignored from getting many of the surveys to be filled-up by which they can make money; infact many of the people provide very less or improper information about themselves.

Crystal said...

I tried paid surveys and I never had any luck with them. Most of them had minimum payouts and when you get near that limit they start giving less surveys so you don't reach the payout level.

BB Supp said...

I have had lots of success with paid surveys. Like the author said, the key is to sign up with lots of them so you get to choose the best paying surveys. You can get a free list of surveys from Paid Survey Success. I have signed up with all of the survey sites listed there and it makes a BIG difference.

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g said...

There are many great sites out there to sign up with and begin taking paid surveys online.

Here a few top paid survey panels to get started with:

NPD Online Research
NFO MySurvey
Lightspeed Research
Ipsos Survey Panel
Synovate Survey
Opinion Outpost

Once you sign up with the panels above, you'll get a fair idea if you want to continue taking surveys online.

For a more thorough list of paid surveys, check out http://paidsurveychoices.com.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Great article! I am glad to see people discussing paid surveys. It is ture, users must be very careful when looking in topaid surveys. There are a lot of scammers out there looking to take advantage of people.

But not all paid survey site are scams...in fact, there are many that are very worthwhile. I have been taking surveys for a while and I still have to go to my job every day. I can't retire yet off the surveys.

The money from surveys is decent though. It helps me fill up my gas tank, put a bit more towards the credit card, etc. If you are interested in some legit survey sites, I found this site that erviews them and tells which are the most orthwhile. Check out http://www.GeoSurveysOnline.com.

It helped me. Just wanted to pass on the good info.

A. Bradley said...

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leona said...

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leona said...

visit http://www.treasuretrooper.com/362530 i made $1670 in a 2 weeks time!! AMAZING.. i've researched it before getting into it and it's actually legit.

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Matt said...

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Yeh surveys are ok. I did a lot in college, but just so time consuming as you said. Cool post.

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