Agloco doesn't pay to anyone.. yet..

I was moderating the comments and this comment by adam is kinda interesting and I agree.

why doesn't anyone tell you that agloco doesn't actually pay out to anyone yet? a lot of people out there have been claiming that they have been recieving check when agloco themselve admit that no one is being paid yet. check their "official" blog. just curious... i don't know, i just believe in honesty i guess. btw, yes, i'm already signed up for agloco. i just don't like hyping it up if it's not making any money "yet"... how mad would people be if after making a buch of money for themselves they shut down and disappeared, haha...anyway, thats all i got...
Yeah, Agloco doesn't pay yet. I guess its another long wait. Just like when we were all waiting for the agloco viewbar. Now its time to wait for the payments.


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