Money making list

Here is a money making list for novice entrepreneurs

1. Sell advertisement space
2. Sell ebooks
3. Sell products
4. Sell affiliate products
5. Sell on ebay
6. Write for websites such as about.com and sitepoint.com which pay for articles
7. Sell ad space on your posts in forums if you have a good reputation (hehe I can't do that!)
8. Set up an article directory for paid inclusion of linked articles
9. Set up paid directory
10. Set up membership only directory and use and send advertisement emails
11. Blog at soulcast.com with your adsense for money
12. Join an ad revenue sharing forum
13. Advertising with emails
14. Set up a get paid to read email website. Then join a pay per lead network which allows incentives for advertisments and send emails to members with those pay per lead offers. Pay them 1 cent for the email and keep the rest
15. Blog for dollars
16. Become a consultant in some subject and charge money for advice
17. Teach english, you'll be amazed how many people will pay to learn
18. Start your own digg network with pligg and then use advertisements to make loads of money
19. Become a ghost writer
20. Sell ebooks with resell rights
21. Start a article selling website. Get people to write articles and then sell them to people who want original content. Delete the articles after one purchase. Keep 50% and give the writer 50%
22. Start a website where people can sell their goods and take a certain commision for each sale.
23. Start a payment gateway. Get a merchant account and then use scriptlance or rent a coder to get a person to code you a script which allows you to keep track of orders.
24. Seek jobs at web hosting companies. They often have open slots for customer support and sales support.
25. Get software coded at scriptlance and then sell it.

Remember marketing is the key. All products exist, it's how you market them that gives you the visitors. For example, file upload has been around for a long time. If you say "buy file upload space" people will laugh. Tell me "you can access your pc from anywhere" and they will buy your product. Market, Market!


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