Guide on making money in DigitalPoint Forums

Guide Section
A very informative guide be Steve Celeste on how to start with 0$ and get to 1000$'s of dollars using DP, can be found here:

Another nice guide made by thetafferboy83 about creating a good video blog can be found here:

You just registered, you have 0$ in your pocket - and you want to make a few bucks to get you started. The where's and how's:

*Create a PayPal account so you could receive aswell as send money payments from and to other people through the internet.
[Other payment methods popular in DP include e-Gold and MoneyBookers]

Now you have a few choices on how to make your first few bucks over the forums.

Earning From Adsense on DP - As DP is an ad revenue sharing forum, you can easily set up your adsesne account ID and channel ID in your USER CP>EDIT PROFILE.
(To use this feature in DP, you must register a Google Adsense account)
Here's a FAQ regarding the revenue share:

Selling Yourself on DP - Well, it isn't quite selling yourself, rather selling your avatar space, signature space, location space and 'recent blog' space. If you intend to be an active forum member and post alot, some people might want to purchase your avatar space for a few bucks per month (which means you're gonna have to turn your avatar picture into a small ad), same goes to signature links (maximum of 4 links), aswell with the location (you can put www.something.com in your Location) and finally your 'recent blog' (you can put 'www.blabla.com - Best Offers!' as your post title and it will show the title on DP).
This alone can net you a small revenue each month.

Posting Services
- Go to This section [http://forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?f=102] in the forum and apply to all of the people that pay per post in their forums (cost usually is 0.1$ to 0.3$ per post). This could net you couple a few XX$ bucks in a day or two if you start posting right ahead.

Article Writing - Offer your services as an article writer, with a low price of lets say 5$ per 400-500 word article (It's a start to give you positive iTraders and letting the community to acknowledge you as a potential writer). A few articles here and there, and you can make yet again XX$ in a week.

Coding and Programming - If you have what it takes to code in different languages, try to look for a quick job in This area [http://forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?f=103] of the forum, which by completion could net you XX$ if not XXX$.

Web Design & Photoshop - Have experience in the design area ? Go Here[http://forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?f=104] to find a few jobs and earn a few bucks.

Building & Selling Websites - If you know how to build websites, you can easily earn by selling your services to other people.

Social Bookmarking Services - Offer social bookmarking services for a couple of bucks per link, and you could earn a few easily that way (You will have to put links in 25 or more social bookmarking websites, so it could take some time).

All of the above (not the complete list) is enough to get your butt started in DP with atleast XX$ bucks in your hand, and remember - you started with zero.

What can i do with the money i earned on DP ?

You can do some of the following:

-Register good domain names, and sell them for a higher price on DP

-Buy cheap eBooks and other products such as programs and scripts with RESELL rights, and sell them for a higher price on DP (make special offers for DP members).

-Buy a few cheap domains (.info) and get some basic cheap webhosting. Later, create a few MFA's (Made for Adsense websites) and put them on the web (Don't forget to get them indexed).

-Create a directory website, and start working on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so you could get a high PR (Page Rank) for this website. After you succeeded, sell premium links here on DP for a few bucks each.


Take note, that all of this is time consuming, that is because you have no starting capital - you have to get through the hard way to get your cash.
IF you have some money to spend, you can skip some of the ways mentioned here and get right into buying-selling.


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