Money making list

Here is a money making list for novice entrepreneurs

1. Sell advertisement space
2. Sell ebooks
3. Sell products
4. Sell affiliate products
5. Sell on ebay
6. Write for websites such as about.com and sitepoint.com which pay for articles
7. Sell ad space on your posts in forums if you have a good reputation (hehe I can't do that!)
8. Set up an article directory for paid inclusion of linked articles
9. Set up paid directory
10. Set up membership only directory and use and send advertisement emails
11. Blog at soulcast.com with your adsense for money
12. Join an ad revenue sharing forum
13. Advertising with emails
14. Set up a get paid to read email website. Then join a pay per lead network which allows incentives for advertisments and send emails to members with those pay per lead offers. Pay them 1 cent for the email and keep the rest
15. Blog for dollars
16. Become a consultant in some subject and charge money for advice
17. Teach english, you'll be amazed how many people will pay to learn
18. Start your own digg network with pligg and then use advertisements to make loads of money
19. Become a ghost writer
20. Sell ebooks with resell rights
21. Start a article selling website. Get people to write articles and then sell them to people who want original content. Delete the articles after one purchase. Keep 50% and give the writer 50%
22. Start a website where people can sell their goods and take a certain commision for each sale.
23. Start a payment gateway. Get a merchant account and then use scriptlance or rent a coder to get a person to code you a script which allows you to keep track of orders.
24. Seek jobs at web hosting companies. They often have open slots for customer support and sales support.
25. Get software coded at scriptlance and then sell it.

Remember marketing is the key. All products exist, it's how you market them that gives you the visitors. For example, file upload has been around for a long time. If you say "buy file upload space" people will laugh. Tell me "you can access your pc from anywhere" and they will buy your product. Market, Market!


5 ways to make money from a forum

More and more internet marketers are flooding to join forums everyday. Obviously they have the vision and see something beneficial to them. There are certainly many ways to make money in a forum. Here are 5 proven methods:

1. Quality post to build up your reputation

By Building your reputation, you are indirectly building friendship and trust. No one trust their money or time to some whom they do not know well. Share your ideas sincerely. Never promise anything you cannot deliver. Building up trust will build up friendship and you are on your way to a huge and strong network. You will soon have a team of fellow marketers and a big group of followers. Great business deal and joint venture come from them

2. Use your forum signature

The signature system is free for you to use. Most forum limit you to a 150 - 250 letters in your signature space, so please be sure that you fully maximize your signature space. Use short url services so that you will have more space to display more advertisement. Signatures are a great way of advertising. Most people will click on a reputable person’s signature and most probably join the program he/she puts in the signature. The more post you have, the more chances your signature ad is going to be expose to the money makers.

3. Upgrade your forum account and get more exposure

Many forums has paid membership for you to upgrade at a reasonable price. You can get a lot more exposure because your user name is displayed in a different color and also you can have some free banner impressions. Your name will always be displayed on the front side hence creating curiosity and more exposure to who you are. People wants to know you and wants to join the program you are joining and making money together with you.

4. Use forums to get higher PageRank and get index fast on Major Search engines

We all know that PageRank can increase the value of a site. Most buyers look for sites with higher PR compared to lower PR. If you site or blog got index or a high ranking PR of a forum, it will help and push your PR ranking. I have seen some site which have PR 1 and got PR 2 after just 1 week of been indexed by SE on a money forum. If you find your site not indexed on Major Search engines, one of the best way is to post your site on a forum with high PR and traffic. You will soon see your site being indexed on major search engines and indirectly you will have more traffic. Traffic is equal to money on the internet. Getting quality traffic are very important if you are looking to make money online.

5. Leverage on other money making gurus and learn from them

There are many members in the forum who are willing to share their tips and knowledge with you. Example if a member can teach you how to save money wisely and you managed to save an extra of $100 monthly. This makes $1200 in a year meaning indirectly you earned an extra of $1,200 in one year and that knowledge which is your assets follows you forever. Always increase your knowledge learning new things from the wise one. Many wants to share their quality methods of money making but are you the one who is willing to receive it? Knowledge is equal to power and money. Always invest your time in the forum learning new tricks. Treat the money forum like your money making university, you will find many professor out there willing to be your mentor.

There are many more ways to make money in forums. Any small idea can make you lots of money if you are willing to try new things. Every sub forum of a forum has its own reason for being there. Explore every part of the forum and you will be amazed of what you can find. Money making has never been made easier. The internet and technology has helped bring the world closer. The world is out there for you. Now it is time for you to receive it.


Agloco doesn't pay to anyone.. yet..

I was moderating the comments and this comment by adam is kinda interesting and I agree.

why doesn't anyone tell you that agloco doesn't actually pay out to anyone yet? a lot of people out there have been claiming that they have been recieving check when agloco themselve admit that no one is being paid yet. check their "official" blog. just curious... i don't know, i just believe in honesty i guess. btw, yes, i'm already signed up for agloco. i just don't like hyping it up if it's not making any money "yet"... how mad would people be if after making a buch of money for themselves they shut down and disappeared, haha...anyway, thats all i got...
Yeah, Agloco doesn't pay yet. I guess its another long wait. Just like when we were all waiting for the agloco viewbar. Now its time to wait for the payments.


SHOUTlinks - Bid Your Way To The Top

Introducing a new bidding directory with a unique custom template. SHOUTlinks is an easy way to bid on links. The link directory displays links alphabetically, and lets you bid your way to the top of the list. It is currently being highly promoted on digitalpoint forums by Matthew Rochow. Bidding starts from just $3. Bid your way to the top of the list for your link to list higher in the directory and possibly join the Top 10 Link Leaders on the homepage. This will help your site gain a quality backlink and will be more visible in search engines which in turn helps your site gain more visitors thereby earning more money. Start bidding now.


Guide on making money in DigitalPoint Forums

Guide Section
A very informative guide be Steve Celeste on how to start with 0$ and get to 1000$'s of dollars using DP, can be found here:

Another nice guide made by thetafferboy83 about creating a good video blog can be found here:

You just registered, you have 0$ in your pocket - and you want to make a few bucks to get you started. The where's and how's:

*Create a PayPal account so you could receive aswell as send money payments from and to other people through the internet.
[Other payment methods popular in DP include e-Gold and MoneyBookers]

Now you have a few choices on how to make your first few bucks over the forums.

Earning From Adsense on DP - As DP is an ad revenue sharing forum, you can easily set up your adsesne account ID and channel ID in your USER CP>EDIT PROFILE.
(To use this feature in DP, you must register a Google Adsense account)
Here's a FAQ regarding the revenue share:

Selling Yourself on DP - Well, it isn't quite selling yourself, rather selling your avatar space, signature space, location space and 'recent blog' space. If you intend to be an active forum member and post alot, some people might want to purchase your avatar space for a few bucks per month (which means you're gonna have to turn your avatar picture into a small ad), same goes to signature links (maximum of 4 links), aswell with the location (you can put www.something.com in your Location) and finally your 'recent blog' (you can put 'www.blabla.com - Best Offers!' as your post title and it will show the title on DP).
This alone can net you a small revenue each month.

Posting Services
- Go to This section [http://forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?f=102] in the forum and apply to all of the people that pay per post in their forums (cost usually is 0.1$ to 0.3$ per post). This could net you couple a few XX$ bucks in a day or two if you start posting right ahead.

Article Writing - Offer your services as an article writer, with a low price of lets say 5$ per 400-500 word article (It's a start to give you positive iTraders and letting the community to acknowledge you as a potential writer). A few articles here and there, and you can make yet again XX$ in a week.

Coding and Programming - If you have what it takes to code in different languages, try to look for a quick job in This area [http://forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?f=103] of the forum, which by completion could net you XX$ if not XXX$.

Web Design & Photoshop - Have experience in the design area ? Go Here[http://forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?f=104] to find a few jobs and earn a few bucks.

Building & Selling Websites - If you know how to build websites, you can easily earn by selling your services to other people.

Social Bookmarking Services - Offer social bookmarking services for a couple of bucks per link, and you could earn a few easily that way (You will have to put links in 25 or more social bookmarking websites, so it could take some time).

All of the above (not the complete list) is enough to get your butt started in DP with atleast XX$ bucks in your hand, and remember - you started with zero.

What can i do with the money i earned on DP ?

You can do some of the following:

-Register good domain names, and sell them for a higher price on DP

-Buy cheap eBooks and other products such as programs and scripts with RESELL rights, and sell them for a higher price on DP (make special offers for DP members).

-Buy a few cheap domains (.info) and get some basic cheap webhosting. Later, create a few MFA's (Made for Adsense websites) and put them on the web (Don't forget to get them indexed).

-Create a directory website, and start working on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so you could get a high PR (Page Rank) for this website. After you succeeded, sell premium links here on DP for a few bucks each.


Take note, that all of this is time consuming, that is because you have no starting capital - you have to get through the hard way to get your cash.
IF you have some money to spend, you can skip some of the ways mentioned here and get right into buying-selling.